Friday, 28 September 2012

Sun Stone - A Jyotish Substitute for Ruby

Cut Sun Stone Ring

In a previous post, I had talked about some semi-precious substitutes that may be worn in place for yellow sapphire, emerald and diamond - gems for Jupiter, Mercury and Venus in Jyotish (Indian astrology). Many people find these gems expensive, so hey wear less expensive substitutes for them.

In this post, I am presenting Sun Stone, a substitute for ruby. In Jyotish, ruby is worn for strengthening Sun in one's chart, when Sun is benefic but weak, or if one wants to make Sun's energies stronger in one's chart.

However, ruby is  an expensive gem and everyone can't afford it. In such a case, sun stone may be worn after consulting a Jyotish astrologer. It has blood-red colour and reflects light when cut and polished. It may be worn in a gold ring or pendant, so that its back is open and touches the skin when worn. When worn as a pendant, it should be visible from outside. 

Uncut Sun Stone Pendant

Sun Stones are mined in India, USA, Canada and Norway. The finest sun stones are mined at Oregon in USA. It reflects brilliant red coloured light. It's the official gem stone of Oregon State in the US. Care should be taken that sun stone doesn't have blemishes, cracks, clouds, webs, scratches or other impurities. It should reflect light and should be deep red in colour.

Cut Oregon Sun Stone (See link here)

One should wear gems only after consulting an astrologer, as wearing a wrong gem of wrong weight may harm the native. Analysis of the chart shows what gem one should wear. Hence, one should get the chart checked before wearing a gem.


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